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literature course is no excep▓tion."I think another challenge we have here is that students are not necessarily reading a ▓lot of literature anyway, " he said. "We have to draw th▓eir attention back to the specific richness of lang▓uage and text. But I also use more film and visual culture in my classes."As to his students' reaction to the "By the River" novella collection, he said: "American students who don't know so much about China find it a little diff

icult to relate to the▓ problems and issues that characters in these stories are dealing with.""Some of them liked stories more than I expected them to. And some of them disliked sto▓ries that I thought that they would like," he said. "B▓ut I think they make a great component to use in teaching about modern and contemporary Chinese literature.""Apart from learning th▓e thoughts, feelings, and priorities of Ch▓inese characters or authors, I think literature h▓elps convince us of our common humanity," he said. "This

ays" what is going on


is particularly important in ▓a world that uses language and media increasingly to div▓ide us and distance us from others.""People who don't▓ read foreign literatures are more li▓kely to view people of other cultures as fundamental▓ly different and incomprehensible. Literature▓ reminds

in C▓hina today, but "d


us that behind walls of politics and ideology▓ there continue to be ordinary people, flirting with each other, dealing with the deaths of their parents, stealing bicycles, catching a cold, competing for recognition, or worrying that the

elivers the feeling


y look too old when they see themselves in the m▓irror," he said."We can relate to these things, and the power of this ability to relate is mu▓ltiplied when it crosses linguistic and cultu▓ral barriers. When you can see this commonality, you are▓ less likely to dehumanize s

of e▓xperienc

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